A New Beginning!

Can you as a common person become a politician in today’s date? Ask Meera Sanyal. Or ask Mumbaikars about Meera Sanyal. In 2009 everyone was curious about this lady who without any political background dared to fight elections from Mumbai. They all talked about her. Even then, she lost her deposit. There can be many angles attributing to her loss. The people who noted her did not go for voting. Others weren’t convinced enough. Maybe some more time around would eventually win her election one day. Would it? Do you really believe that?

The most important rule of democracy has almost diminished today and that is government by the people. You can enter Bollywood and be a star one day. You can start as nobody and become a successful businessman. You can also be extraordinarily genius and be one of the 11 players of the cricket team of the country that is to say one of 121 crore population. But ehem… politics?

Mostly people answer that they don’t think about politics as a career because they don’t like it. It is not as simple as not appearing for MBBS because you don’t want to be a doctor. Deep inside you have been systematically convinced that you don’t have the necessary aptitude to be a doctor. Politicians pretend to know something about ruling this country that even geniuses making their mark in respective fields can never learn. To make us feel better, we are told how murky politics is and how decent people should always stay away from it.

The ground reality of politics at local level in India is not worrisome, it is scary. Either the politician himself is a criminal or has very strong ties with the mafia. They are certainly in the know-how of illegal activities taking place in their area. The opposition parties are looking for an opportunity to rule the place and have the benefits for themselves. But if the ruling party has a very stronghold on the region then they know better……to compromise. Often these parties are local parties not making any noise at national level and thus escaping media attention. National parties though give and take their much needed support and can safely stay away from controversial issues. In such a scenario, an independent candidate is probably just pursuing his/her childhood fantasy of standing up for election and is not taken seriously by either the parties or the voters. If the candidate is a serious challenge and the constituency is not an area with media attention then the candidate could be risking his/her life by fighting the election.

Our ‘elected’ representatives are harmless until you mind your business and your jobs. Don’t worry where the space for city playgrounds are supposed to be. Don’t bother why a skywalk is built where it wasn’t needed and why a 50 year old railway bridge is not reconstructed to adapt to the inflated population.

How then this democracy is different from British Raaj or Maharaja Raaj? We Indians read newspapers, write letters to editors, can view on what Arun Jaitley said and what Manmohan Singh should have said. But are you comfortable about taking up your issues let alone objections to the local MLA or MP? I ‘m not…. There is still long way to go to be a democratic country in real sense.

While people are trying to have a glimpse of manifesto of the parties, parties are still clinging to the old formulas of giving tickets to people who will definitely win them seats. Those fellow citizens who are impressed by the speeches of leaders at high level, don’t they ever wonder how the local politician who never worked all these years will perform this time just because now they have an effective top level leader who will certainly be busy for your trivial day to day issues?

Some of my friends have been questioning my logic behind favoring AAP. It is not AAP, the brand or the Kejriwal factor. It is making scope and hope for new entrants without which both the politics and the democracy will stink. We will be taken for ride as usual if it does not become a place where people from daily walks of life can participate. No other party seems to be ready for that as yet. I know AAP may not win by majority in the Loksabha election of 2014. But it should definitely win with a handsome amount of seats to convince the traditional national parties so as to let go of old style politics of muscle power or the old trick of divisive politics.

It is time to have a modern structure of politics, it is time we have our government of the people, for the people and most importantly by the people like you and me.

If my reasoning on backing AAP sounds convincing to you then please donate to AAP.

Passport Kavita

Based on true story of mine at Thane’s New Passport Office

Sire my Passport can I remake
Tell me procedure what it takes
And all the documents needed too
so name them all and not some few

First is Identity card the site replied
Second is the proof of date on this planet that you arrived
And third will lets us know how much you are educated
A certificate of graduation or a paper that you matriculated

The reason I have to remake my passport Sire,
Old has expired and before the time retires
I would like to confess that previous had errors
Didn’t fix them since I feared your office with awe and terror
One fine day I read that these are modern times
Now your office worked with perfect rhythm and rhyme
Though it bothered how to convince you that I’m a female
And my passport for 10 years told me a male
I have looked hard at my image which seemed enough feminine
your clerk ignored that picture with sweetest smile of mine
Of course to assure you I didn’t cross seas with mustache on my face
And my passport lied frozen in the cupboards base

I summed up all this to tell you true
but you surprised me with wanting only one letter & words few
Just when I thought the fable of was indeed correct
impressed and all I saw you with new found respect

It turned out to be only a mirage
Story of professionalism was a Masquerade, deception, a faking camouflage
Informed one officer not so gently
A trip one more at this place I realized slowly
For changed address the unique card wasn’t unique
Add a ration card/ bank statement or your case is meek
When I questioned it wasn’t written on your website
I would have carried it for sure and would hold it tight
The officer thought my reasoning was in contempt
I decided to pursue make one more attempt
Asked with request if I may continue
My passport spells me wrong make it I please where there is U
Wrote on my leaving certificate the spelling was incorrect
Just like you erred with my gender, do realise, nobody is perfect

What was I thinking
Was I dreaming
The officer in front was sarcastically beaming
It ain’t that simple because we have rules
Don’t take us granted we aren’t that cool
Bring next time with you an Annexure E
Will hold thy application even though you have paid your fee
With empty hands and a heavy heart
A lengthy back journey here I start

When I go for annexure E the lawyer tells
It is to declare a changed name mostly for women after ringing wedding bells
Or you promise on oath your new name is true
The old was rubbish so I threw
I hesitate signing on a document lie
All I want to correct is an U with an I
I sit to write a long mail
Attention passport officer male or female
The dilemma of affidavit I share my confusion
and also why didn’t your website tell about the card of ration

Answers someone with an assurance new
Unique card is enough and don’t bother about annexure E or Q
Just write a truthfully signed letter
It will serve your purpose better
Now I’m sure my work will be done
I take a local train and to the big office I run
For this time you don’t need an appointment
It won’t be similar, I get a feeling but faint

And many like me who failed at the first shot are in the queue
Waiting for things to happen without any clue
I notice a board in the big sitting hall
A quote of Mahatma embedded on the wall
Does the mainframe display importance or does it highlight an irony
I ponder on the words that are legacy of my country

Customer Quote

There I see him sitting again
The one who turned my last trip in vain
But he is surely better than his neighbor
Who yelled at an applicant for falling short of one paper
And Gandhi’s word of not treating customer as interruption
Is a quote on that wall which cannot save you from humiliation

I approach the officer on his desk I lay
A print of replied email and rest my say
But simplicity is the thing he resists
A supplement to the unique card he insists
So because I have knowingly suspected this would happen
To save my day I produce the bank statement & keep the dialogues open
He remembers me among the types he detests
Questioning government rules, the ones who protest
Aah! There I spot the spelling unlike your passport, he blurts
And therefore this paper is not valid the officer reverts

My bank statement is correct and passport incorrect
All other papers I can prove except that on the leaving certificate
Check my graduation degree I cry in exasperation
And undersigned letter I point in desperation
I ask his name he refuses to tell me
Mind your work he says, that is what you should see
Work is not what is happening on my second trip
I tell my application is not moving on your whim

I would have liked to share more word- exchange details
In short it is a lost battle and a sad tale
I was told to bring a sign on my file
From the head office that was distantly away some miles
Like a diner in the restaurant who has to cook his meal
to kya hua ofcourse he has to pay his bill
Sounds weird?
The winds of change are very much feared
That is how are punished protesting voices
And are silenced questioning eyes

I’m yet to pay a third visit
Will the day count or again be lost in the transit
Oh, one additional boon I can include
My corrected leaving certificate, now can the drama conclude?
Leaving certificates are forever the college admin warned me at first
But agreed to dig in and explore so as to clear the dust
Wallah! a human error was in minutes rectified
Holy Mother Mary! My name was sanctified

I ‘m willing to give it a one more try
But what to do that your leaving certificate is fake the officer may cry
All I wanted to correct was an ‘U’ with an ‘I’…………
Sire, my passport I had wanted to remake
You did not tell me but I learned too much it takes



I came across my this particular post after a considerable time. I must have read it 100 times while editing it. Even after publishing I have edited it to my satisfaction. Satyendra Dubey is my most ‘closer to the heart’ post. Not because I wrote it well. I almost only synchronized all the information that […]

I like this date, 22nd February. It is the date of first day of my first job. That was 15 years back. I joined Dabhol Power Project, at that time though a big thing for me, I was incapable of scaling the significance of the project to the infrastructure plans in Maharashtra or the impactful […]

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All AAP members especially ministers are hopeless. They travel in second hand cars and talk about system where public transport will be so crowd free and uncomplicated that even ministers can travel regularly they say. Is this why you joined politics? To be part of ‘Janata’ class?

I know signing petitions and all is doubtfully helpful. Yet as a sincere but not much hopeful attempt, I have a petition for you to sign. My father served on this ship as a seaman and so followed the recent news of Maharashtra governments decision to scrap sale the INS Vikrant. When the decision was […]

Jhing Chik Jhing -Quick Review

Jhing Chik Jhing is a wonderful Marathi movie I got to see recently. Released in 2009, I had not heard of this movie starred by Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Chinmay Kambli and Dilip Prabhavalkar. Though this movie has got awards and all but probably it wasn’t heavily promoted at the time of release which has become  an unavoidable thing if you want people to watch it. A wonderful movie which has gone without mass viewing is not just a movie maker’s loss but viewer’s loss too. In case of Jhing Chik Jhing it is.

This is a story of a farmer and his small family and how they struggle to keep their head just above the water. Daily living is already a great effort when Mauli (Bharat Jadhav) gives up on life. When it is confirmed that the debt will swallow his house and land he decides to end it. Because the parent’s cannot imagine that their children can survive the brutality of the life  past them, they decide to end their children’s life as well. Shyam, the school going kid overhears this conversation, sees a hope to save the family when he hears of a school competition.

More than the story, the movie is made real by the performances of the actors. Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Chinmay Kambli and Aarti More make a so much real life farmer’s family. So many daily needs they manage and do without but never without love, fondness and bonding with each other. This is told very tacitly making it the most beautiful thing of the movie. Bharat Jadhav has performed the unwise farmer and affectionate but helpless father, with so much conviction. Kids are amazing and I love the Nagpuri dialect of Marathi, have never got  enough of it  until now and yearning to listen more, it is very sweet.

Today, everyone’s life is a challenge but life is becoming impossible for some and we are very indifferently aware of it. We forget it completely in our distressed period which is still a luxury if it is not a shelter, food, clothing and water crisis.  A cotton producer has to keep postponing to buy new clothes for his kid. Something very wrong needs to be straighten here.

Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

National Anthem of India

Jana-gaṇa-mana adhināyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhātā
Pañjāba Sindhu Gujarāṭa Marāṭhā
Drāviḍa Utkala Baṅga
Vindhya Himācala Yamunā Gaṅgā
Ucchala jaladhi taraṅga
Tava śubha nāme jāge
Tava śubha āśiṣa mānge
Gāhe tava jaya gāthā
Jana gaṇa maṅgala dāyaka jaya he
Bhārata bhāgya vidhāta
Jaya he, jaya he, jaya he
Jaya jaya jaya, jaya he


Thou art the ruler of the minds of all people,
Dispenser of India’s destiny.
Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sindhu, Gujarat and Maratha,
Of the Dravida and Odisha and Bengal;
It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas,
mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganga and is
chanted by the waves of the Indian Ocean.
They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise.
The saving of all people waits in thy hand,
Thou dispenser of India’s destiny.
Victory, victory, victory to thee.

In my school days national anthem was part of everyday prayer without any exemption. Yet when it was asked to write down the anthem once, in a test for Moral Science, I forgot a line in between. Desperately, I tried to mentally recite the national anthem but just couldn’t get that one line even after several attempts. It is still a very frustrating memory about my weak memory that I could not write correctly what I sang every day. I think if I had sung the anthem knowing each and every word, this wouldn’t have happened. I don’t even remember of somebody explaining the words, do you? The anthem that describes the beauty of components of India is a mystery till date for many Indians with 22 diverse languages spoken in  the country.  How we are not bound to forget any of the stanza if while memorizing it, it never touched our heart strings?

Then comes this mail/post in the internet times questioning about who is the Dispenser of India’s destiny. It accuses Guru Rabindranath Tagore of writing this poem in praise of King George V of England and in return bagging a Nobel Prize for himself. The common sense part I feel missing here is if this was indeed written for George V, the King must have illusions about himself to believe any of the word in the anthem is for him. Really, all this parts of India and Indians are praising you for what? Looting our wealth and priceless heritage  consistently, oppressing , ruling and thinking very low of us ? Or did he love false praises like many of our today’s politicians?

Our National Anthem written by Guru Rabindranath Tagore in 1911, then just a song at that time of its creation is written in half Bengali and half Sanskrit. The Bharat Bhagya Vidhata here is the God, a force, an energy that is shaping the destiny of our country. 100 years on we should had a deliberate efforts to explain and educate people on the National Anthem. Otherwise how will it be different from any other holy chant, that we should be afraid of its sanctity and never love it for what it is?

Also those who still think that the dispenser of India’s destiny is unexplained, you can give a new definition to it in the new times. Let us participate and be the destiny shapers of the country, thank in gratitude to those who have been striving, dying while building the country. We pray for you, victory, victory, victory to thee.

The jigsaw pieces then fall in the right place.

Translation of Anthem, source : Wikipedia

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