Why Shirya Never Gets A Girlfriend – Revisiting Shriyut Gangadhar Tipre

One of the important aspect of growing up is making mistakes. Shirya is simply denied that luxury.  At that given point, Shirya, is neither married nor has any immediate plans of marriage. No one is dependent on his income. Yet, he is robbed off this one chance where he could have finally felt like a grown up and could have owned up the responsibility of his decision. But he cannot decide about his career without feeling the pressure from all sides.

Lynching, A Deep Shame On Our Country, Religion, And Humanism

When the first lynching case happened of Akhlaq in village of Dadri, it disturbed me a lot. Every part of the story was brutal and heartless to the hilt. A bunch of villagers confronted an unarmed old fellow villager at night, their neighbor they grew up with and beat him to death on suspecting beef in his fridge. The cruelty doesn’t end here. There was no remorse shown by any of the participators. There was even an FIR against the victim and the meat was sent for lab test. And the biggest disheartening part was how least it shook common people at large.

The Light In Your Eyes, A Heartbreakingly Beautiful Kdrama

Kim Hye Ja has a secret. A wrist-watch she once found on a beach when she was young. It’s a special watch with which she can turn back time. She has used it a few times only to realize its drawback; with each time manipulation, she ages faster than the others around her, and therefore has halted on its use. She is now a 25 year old and has given up on her dream to be an announcer. Just then her father meets a fatal accident and she repeatedly turns back the time hands on the magical watch until he is saved. Next day she gets up to find she is a 78 year old woman.

Revisiting Hindi Movie Dillagi 1978

In my revisit to the movie, I noticed how the characters Swarnakamal and Fulrenu actually represent the for and against sides to censorship of art and literature in India. The movie is cleverly pitching the conservative class against Sanskrit. The ancient language is testimony to a period of unconstrained forms of expressions which nullifies the ‘but our traditions’ argument used by the right wing to put a tab on modern arts. Another clever use in the movie is that the advocate for liberty is a man and the woman here is anti-liberal, anti-feminism. It depicts how woman too can get equally influenced and side with patriarchy. She perceives sensualistic text from the Sanskrit books as obscene and not fit to be read by the girls. Fulrenu represents the extremists when she says she would like the books thrown out of the study syllabus.

Chicago Typewriter, A Likeable KDrama

So Chicago Typewriter is actually a nick name of a gun. Firing from the Thompson Submachine gun used in ’30s sounded like punching the typewriter keyboard hence it was called so. This interesting trivia you learn as the leads here are using this gun. The drama is a story of three freedom fighters during Japanese occupation of South Korea(around 1945), two of which get reincarnated after their death in the freedom fight while one becomes a ghost.

Language War And Going Beyond

English, in colonized territories of British empire started a different kind of reign long after Biritish left the regions. The domineering…

My Ajusshi (My Mister)- Kdrama About Some Good in This World

Ji-An, is a young new interim recruit in the construction company named Saman Group. She avoids small talks with other employees around her and carries out her work with least communication. Her silence is loud and annoys and intimidates other staff employees. My Ajusshi is a story of an endearing relationship developing between an outwardly weird Ji-An and a lonesome Dong-Hoon.