Language War And Going Beyond

English, in colonized territories of British empire started a different kind of reign long after Biritish left the regions. The domineering…

My Ajusshi (My Mister)- Kdrama About Some Good in This World

Ji-An, is a young new interim recruit in the construction company named Saman Group. She avoids small talks with other employees around her and carries out her work with least communication. Her silence is loud and annoys and intimidates other staff employees. My Ajusshi is a story of an endearing relationship developing between an outwardly weird Ji-An and a lonesome Dong-Hoon.

I Picked Up A Celebrity On The Street, A Quirky Kdrama

Lee Yeon Seo is a young contract employee at a company named Bonjour and is enduring bullying and mistreatment by permanent employees to become a permanent employee herself. Yet she loses her job. In the team-farewell organised for her, she finally takes her anger out by hurling her shoe at her boss but instead hits a hallyu star(Korean celebrities with international fame), Kang Joon Hyuk who is walking down the same alley. Believing him to be dead, and not wanting to turn herself in, she chooses to bring his body home and starts researching on ways to dispose it.

The Story of Devdas

Devdas is an old classic novel written by Bengali writer, Sharatchandra Chatopadhyay and published in early 1900. It has been…

It is Unfair, Period

My first feelings on having periods for the first time was that I didn’t want to be a woman. Even…