Born Again!

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Born Again, my new blog. I decided on that name as I was feeling something like this for past few days. After my account was hacked, I got a feeling of loss which I could not estimate. It was all my imagination; I concluded on it later.  We are so glued to this virtual world and make it a part of our identity that things like hacking should happen to one’s life once in your virtual lifetime.

I did feel the pain especially, at loss of my most unread blog and the posts that I had written so passionately. Only if the hacker had even tried to read them I’m willing to forgive, the second forgetting thing is natural and effortless part of my personality.

We can choose to take the best outcome of things that happen to us. Born again is not just a new name, I decided it over the previous blog, ‘life is like that’ which sounded little pessimistic. I can’t assure to sound positive all the time but I will try a new perspective to whatever I witness. Keep reading and commenting so that I don’t feel like I’m talking to myself!


10 thoughts on “Born Again!

  1. I agree… We should consciously choose to take the best outcome of each and every thing that happen to us… And life would really be simple and fantastic 🙂

  2. Sonya,
    Those who can forget are happier people.
    We build our worlds around the virtual world and lose sight of the fact that we can do this all over again several times.
    The hacker may have deleted your online accounts but he/she certainly cannot take your ability to create.
    Keep it coming, sister.
    You inspire me.

  3. Hi Mridula!
    Nice to see you back on trail. Hackers will co-exist with virtual world. There is no escape. It hurts a little but best remedy is to try & get over it with a sense of urgency. Soon you would have left the trauma behind. Your creativity will arise once again.

    Enjoy your resurgence.

  4. Born Again! god why this happens to me, It was difficult with the one i met in the past, now she is Born Again. Gwad Help me Here Please. LOL

    Joke Apart, wellcome to the reincarnation, keep on sharing your thought, helps us not to take the things too seriously as you do it on our behlaf ( geez, I am such an ——–)

    Love you Sister, just Ignore me and listen to your heart!

    • Sometimes I miss the fights bro. And they have helped to shape my thoughts if not to your expectations. I end up listening to my heart but its not necessarily ignoring you.

      Keep challenging and pumping new thoughts. 🙂

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