Haunted – Lekin

There are very interesting bollywood movie bloggers I have come across while surfing net. I would like to recommend some of them to movie channel producers so that they can think about hiring these passionate people who can make movie watching an exciting experience for us.  Seriously, I’m not taunting. ‘Right people in Right jobs,’ is one of a cause I have feelings for.  Who can think of putting a movie like Lekin in the post midnight slot? Morning 1:37 am can be a time for a movie to end if you have been already hooked to it and it’s a weekend but certainly not a time to start watching one.  From time to time I have condemned people* who watch movies at odd hours without thinking of its repercussions on the next day morning. I was certainly not happy to be on the other side, people remember you know?

Ghosts can be touched; they don’t have twisted feet, can look very human and even be unaware that they don’t belong here. This movie released 8 years before the sixth sense which gave similar insight on the paranormal world. Lekin had won a National Award then and the glimpse of the movie on doordarshan news instantly had given me a feeling of something nice. But those days National Award winning film meant it had a bad box office future and therefore no possibility of watching it on screen of a small town theatre.

The fact that I had watched it on youtube few months back only made me miserable at the thought of letting it go because I had missed several conjoining points of the story then. What I did not miss even with missing links was the mesmerizing way the story unfolds, beautiful haunting Reva (Dimple Kapadia), shocked, confused and then hooked to the story and to the ghost, Sameer (Vinod Khanna), his endearing and funny friend, Shafi( Amjad Khan). So what choice did I have?  I even suffered one break of that teleshopping advertisement.

The atmosphere created in the movie absorbed me. The first class train compartments of maybe 50’s, the non happening small railway stations. One dialogue line mentioned about how it had just rained in Rajasthan and I almost felt the chill in the air after the rains. The absence of electricity in the region amounting to lesser activities in night, I could understand that too (no this time I’m not relating it to Maharashtra’s load shedding problem). I have to acknowledge that even when I read or heard about the beauty of desserts I still saw it like miles of sand (read dust), lack of greenery and a place with water shortage. Now I can see how and why people find the desserts captivating, almost hauntingly…

Looking forward to one more viewing of the movie, I’m almost prepared and not afraid of encountering a ghost myself. Who said I was afraid of ghosts anyway?

*The definition of people here is limited and constrained to my brother alone.


7 thoughts on “Haunted – Lekin

  1. I know what you mean when u say people. Love the way u consumed , not only the essence but also the ambiance around it. I dont know if you have seen Rudali or not. If not let me know and i will send u the disk, only on condition that u will watch it after midnight. Love you siste

    • he he he you are counted in people too . the comment time says 3:26 if it is not technical fault you have proved it. I have seen Rudali and liked it. But Lekin had altogether different effect on me. I think it is the mystique air around the story.

  2. I have not seen both -Lekin & Rudali though was always aware that both were
    very good films. Your blog has stirred interest afresh and maybe very soon, I will end up seeing both movies.

    • Yes Uncle, must see movies. I want to recommend one more movie I watched recently. Though it does not fall in this category (classics of lata hridaynath mangeshkar) its Ramchandra Pakistani. Truly touching story.

  3. I have seen Rudali but somehow missed Lekin. It has been on my list – and Priyanka’s- along with some Marathi movies. As usual, your blog has again aroused that feeling of a must-watch-it and now I cant wait to get my hands on it. Thanks.
    As always, enjoyed your writing.

    • 🙂 thankyou Vidya. movies, books and eatery places are things I love to share and know about. And I think all three things are our common weaknesses. It is happiness multipled. Always my pleasure.

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