Old Posts

Hi Friends,

It has been nearly 6 months since I started the  new blog Born Again and for same time period,  I have been procrastinating a job to copy paste my old posts. That someday came this weekend and now you can read them here- http://lifewazzlikethat.wordpress.com/

The hacking incident had turned me into a maniac and I thought everything on my computer was under the hackers spell.  It was my friend Shreya, who downloaded the posts which were still visible on google links then  and emailed them, thank you dear. I have them as word drafts too but when I’m posting I do several last minute changes and corrections which are missing in the word file.

I cherished reading some of the old posts and mostly because those posts also had your encouraging comments. Some posts embarrassed me now, I could certainly have written them better but I decided to let them be, it was a sincere effort then.  Pics of a travelogue Shegaon are to be uploaded but that might take another six months.

 I would have liked the old posts in same blog but technically, I just didn’t understand how to create a separate section in the wordpress. We can create a separate page but we cannot have additional posts to that page. It would be numerous horizontal  pages which would have looked odd. When I had already created and was done with blog I realized I could have categorized it and they would appear categorically, anyway a lesson for next time.  I chose a theme in WordPress that had lion in its showcase and when I applied to the blog it was  missing.  Note to myself- choose a theme that appeal in look minus pictures (learning again). Still, it is not bad it has a notebook look, perfectly suits to the blog, old notes by old me.


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