The India of 28 States and 7 Union Territories

Shavasana is my favorite of all asanas in Yoga. It is an exercise to put yourself to sleep. The purpose is obviously different from how I have interpreted it for myself. It is the simplest asana emphasizing on mind and body connection,  to rejuvenate it. Lie on the floor on your back, close your eyes, loosen your body, be as motionless as a corpse and breathe naturally. Doing Pranayam beforehand will help as breathing will be an effortless and  pleasant experience. Then scan your whole body mentally. Give a thought to all the parts of the body from head to toe and back from toe to head.  The hair roots, cells, knee joints, the smallest, farthest toe on our left foot, the one on our right foot… these parts have almost lived on their own without our acknowledgement of their existence … we did attend them in past but only when they ached or were wounded…. and how they had the ability to turn our mundane days into painful ones ….to turn everyday simple tasks into a challenge if they were hurt….all they need is caring. As we lie and concentrate with our eyes closed and acknowledge their existence the energy gets a smooth flowing and we feel the power, realization of what it is to exist as a whole. All pains have a purpose- they need to make you aware, more alive and stop taking things for granted.

I was reading a whole editorial in the newspaper that was based on a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan. In his tweet, he congratulated this Indian female boxer, Mary Kom, who earned a bronze medal for our country in Olympics.  With best of intention mixed with euphoria, he made a mistake of mentioning her as a boxer from Assam. A set of alert citizens pounced on Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet and people from north – east states were hurt on his ignorance as Mary Kom is from Manipur.

However, this tweet issue on origin of Mary Kom enlightened many like me and now we know where she hails from.   I’m not good with numbers so don’t take this statistically, but I assume, 50% of the population still might not know who Mary Kom is,  40% get confused between Assam – Arunachal Pradesh and  Manipur-Meghalaya -Mizoram. And 20% might not know there are Olympic Games going on in Great Britain.

The above figures are guesswork and all I want to say is we are collectively guilty of not knowing the north-east region well.  However they draw our attention when there is some problem. We hear about the riots in Assam but don’t react to it like the one in Gujarat. Does it matter less because we are not sure if it was communal or a tribal riot?

North-Eastern region is the neglected area and it is necessary that its wounds are  attended quickly, a mind body connection that will heal our country. All we need to do to be connected is keep them in our thoughts and notice events there, more vigilantly. This we won’t do a favor to them, but for our realization to feel what it is to be not just an individual, a city, a state but a magnificent country, a whole and healthy nation.


2 thoughts on “The India of 28 States and 7 Union Territories

  1. Mridula you have conveyed a very profound mrssage very simplistically… your simile of shavasan……Congratulations on writing so beautifully.

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