Republic Day – A Reminder Of a Country That is…

Of running rivers and cloud friendly mountains

Of sprawled land and the mystique sand

Of blue green oceans and snow white glaciers

Of elephant, tigers or tourist wary deers

Of various faiths and diverse styles

Languages that alter as you travel few miles

Of cultures and festivals

Food and music carnivals

Of dissimilar states sharing common borders

Sometimes squabbling and sometimes in order

Of chaotic traffic with polluting noise

And numerous waiting lines without any choice

To reach inside and know to the core

All is correct but for a country there is more

Of hopes in eyes

And ambitions high

Of dreams of millions

To be identified in billions

Of mothers and fathers

Of teachers and farmers

Of young martyrs on the line for whom country cries

And patriotic who fight corrupt as unsung they die

The families they left behind, proudly hold their heads high

The spouses and parents who continue to strive

The witnesses of an extraordinary times you and me

Partners of a future, glorious and glee

Wish you a Happy Republic Day, dear Indians!


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