Republic Day Part 2 – All for a Movie

I was in Gujarat then when Aamir Khan’s movie Fanaa was released. I wanted to see the movie but I couldn’t as Mr. Narendra Modi or his supporters decided I should not. Something like a parent decides and sort movies for their children – good ones, bad ones. Here I was a grown up and my parents wouldn’t mind you see. They thought I have come of age and I can decide it for myself but Mr. Modi’s supporters didn’t think like that. And there wasn’t anything objectionable in the movie to object. Those were the days when Mr. Modi was katti with Aamir Khan. Because Aamir Khan said something in support of Medha Patkar and for Narmada Bachao Andolan and it is believed that Ms. Medha Patkar, the leader of Narmada Bachao Andolan, is not a friend of Mr. Modi.

But Mr. Modi is friends with Amitabh Bachchan as you can see the Gujarat tourism advertisement which is not banned. And he is friends with Amitabh Bachchan because Amitabh Bachchan hasn’t told him what he thinks of Medha Patkar. Everybody can’t keep thinking about Medha Patkar, even I don’t know where I stand. Okay… I’m sitting and writing this but I mean, I’m confused on my view on Narmada Bachao and so could be Amitabh Bachchan.  The bottom line is or was be confused but don’t be impressed by Medha Patkar, that won’t impress Mr. Modi.

After few years I got to see the movie on television. Surely, Gujaratis got to see it too. Though now it is an unalterable history that I didn’t get to see the movie at the time of its release. So when people talk about Modi as a candidate for Prime ministership, I of course don’t support it. Many important thinkers are really impressed with the development of Gujarat. They write and tell that Gujarat’s development is an achievement for India. I agree, development is never a priority for most politicians. Not in Maharashtra. There are so many things they have firm views on like caste, religion and language identities. But they get confused about their views on irrigation problem and not-in-function power plants. So all this thinkers write and try to convince me through their articles that Mr. Modi can change the scene for India like he did for Gujarat. Even my favorite writer Chetan Bhagat says so. He thinks that Narendra Modi and Nitish Kumar are few among the politicians, who work hard and we should forget past and look at the development …..

I’m ok with Nitish Kumar but dear Chetan Bhagat, Mr. Modi didn’t let me watch this movie… We will have trendy offices, huge malls, smart incomes, smooth roads, entrepreneurs out of ambitious common men and women. But I still cringe on the thought and that is, with all this money and status we cannot decide what movie we should watch.

Now…. I hear about this Kamal Haasan’s movie…. It is ok if I’m missing something like Abhay but if I’m missing something like Chachi 420…hmmm. You already know my views on Ms. Jaylalitha as a candidate for the post of PM.


2 thoughts on “Republic Day Part 2 – All for a Movie

  1. You seem to have left your post incomplete. I feel, for once, all film-makers in India should register their protest by stopping shootings for one full week. Some TV channels mentioned that Madam’s personal vendetta was triggered by refusal by K. Haasan to grant Satellite rights of the film to a TV Channel of madam’s choice.

    • I did not not leave it incomplete uncle. Thought I don’t need to say more. At least people from respective fraternity, here in this case Bollywood should take a common stand but there is no unity. Keeping mum isnt a virtue always and we compromise on our freedom of speech and our constitutional rights.

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