Not Just Words

By far, according to me, this is the best worded article by Rajdeep Sardesai  on Ajit Pawar’s thought-numbing statement. Those weren’t just wrong words and wrong timing…. it is plain arrogance and apathy that is born out of a life-style so different from common Indians of the country.

Almost every area of our country is ruled by these kings (read mafia) of new times. If you are really really lucky, your ruler could be one who believes in being accountable to the people.  Come accidentally in their way and know how limited democracy we enjoy in our country.

We too are responsible  for the rulers that we created or let them become a monstrous symbol of autocratic behavior instead of national leaders that they were supposed to be. They divided us on religions, castes and languages ensuring we never question their duties for us as Indians and we played along. They never demanded us to be responsible citizens and it perfectly suited us.

Now sooner that you learn how you are on your own, you will stop complaining about the state of affairs of the country and stop nagging for basic needs and safety.  Be grateful to the countable number of sincere citizens because of whom there is some respite in the given situation and a gleam hope. Try adding to this countable number instead of aspiring to be like the one above because how much ever we condemn our leaders today, we as society, have a new found respect for unrestricted amount of money and its owners.


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