Pu.La. For Me

Image picked from Wikipedia

Image picked from Wikipedia

It is Pu. La.’s anniversary today. I can’t express enough gratitude  for the innumerous laughter rides while reading his books that were in real smooth and deeper journeys into learning various facets of individuality.  The more you read Pula the more you want to borrow his perspective of looking at people and situations. Observe objectively and you can laugh and rejoice in all that is around you, as simple as that.

So many times I thought about writing about this phenomenon that happened to Marathi world and I was unable to. Surely not on his body of work, I’m incapable of measuring that. Reminds me of the younger days when I wrote him a letter and never sent it.  It was all overwhelmingly messy and today I’m experiencing a déjà vu of it.

What  fascinates me most about him? Is it the tremendous command on language, mastery on wordplay with great timing? Or this quality that even if it looked humor on the surface it soon took us readers to the bottom of the ocean, giving a sight of hidden treasure that is  human nature? People intrigued him, how he lovingly observed everybody coming his way and the reader got to see the quirky qualities that made for a unique personality out of an ordinary person, just like an able photographer who can notice the extraordinary and capture the beauty, the moment for us to see.  Is it love and knowhow of every other art form that made him so  rich in expressions?

Of all the arts, writing easily gives away the person in a writer. There is something called reading between the lines. However, I don’t find anything between the lines in his writing that is different from what is written above and below. Was it his temperament or his talent that made everything for him so simple?

Someday, I can write better to explain why his fans, the readers prefer to forever reside in the Pu.la era. It is a world of common people where mediocrity is acknowledged, celebrated,  at times even admired for its harmless and wrong-fearing nature. Excellence is not everyone’s need and he seemed to have had accepted this truth of life with a style.  To make truce with this fact, though, you need to be a genius like him.


7 thoughts on “Pu.La. For Me

  1. beautifully articulated! hats off to Pu La for introducing the uninitiated to the wry humour hidden in the many-layered marathi language and culture and also for inspring awe among the ‘elites’ inhabiting the upper crust of the marathi literary world at his strait-laced approach to humour.

    And kudos to you for putting together such a straight-from-the-heart tribute to this one-of-a-kind literateur

    • Thankyou Manisha, was so doubtful about attempting to write about him in the beginning. I knew I couldn’t touch everything I love about Pula but this one was very important part I left out, the many-layered Marathi. Thanks to his a/v recorded programs where he presents his observations of different dialects mixed with quintessential regional eccentricity, add to this his way of describing it and Wallah! That’s Maharashtra and that is Marathi, so incomplete without all these different dialects.

    • Thanks Tvee Dee, by mediocrity I did not mean middle class. There were some characters that did not come in the bracket of middle class. By mediocrity I meant an attitude of not trying to excel in anything you do. Not making 100% of life. Will surely go through your blog 🙂

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