Jhing Chik Jhing -Quick Review

Jhing Chik Jhing is a wonderful Marathi movie I got to see recently. Released in 2009, I had not heard of this movie starred by Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Chinmay Kambli and Dilip Prabhavalkar. Though this movie has got awards and all but probably it wasn’t heavily promoted at the time of release which has become  an unavoidable thing if you want people to watch it. A wonderful movie which has gone without mass viewing is not just a movie maker’s loss but viewer’s loss too. In case of Jhing Chik Jhing it is.

This is a story of a farmer and his small family and how they struggle to keep their head just above the water. Daily living is already a great effort when Mauli (Bharat Jadhav) gives up on life. When it is confirmed that the debt will swallow his house and land he decides to end it. Because the parent’s cannot imagine that their children can survive the brutality of the life  past them, they decide to end their children’s life as well. Shyam, the school going kid overhears this conversation, sees a hope to save the family when he hears of a school competition.

More than the story, the movie is made real by the performances of the actors. Bharat Jadhav, Madhavi Juvekar, Chinmay Kambli and Aarti More make a so much real life farmer’s family. So many daily needs they manage and do without but never without love, fondness and bonding with each other. This is told very tacitly making it the most beautiful thing of the movie. Bharat Jadhav has performed the unwise farmer and affectionate but helpless father, with so much conviction. Kids are amazing and I love the Nagpuri dialect of Marathi, have never got  enough of it  until now and yearning to listen more, it is very sweet.

Today, everyone’s life is a challenge but life is becoming impossible for some and we are very indifferently aware of it. We forget it completely in our distressed period which is still a luxury if it is not a shelter, food, clothing and water crisis.  A cotton producer has to keep postponing to buy new clothes for his kid. Something very wrong needs to be straighten here.


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