Kejriwal’s List

To people of political parties in general,

Terrible guy this Kejriwal is. This time he alleged that whoever’s name is in his list they are corrupt people. It is an utterly silly list. Some of you are not even mentioned in it. I think this Lokpal bill movement took a toll on him and now he thinks he is Janlokpal himself. You should sue him. But do make sure he doesn’t have much information through RTI. Don’t this AAP people have any serious business in their lives other than poking nose in other people’s businesses?

When someone like Kejriwal, a head of political party (you take him way seriously after Delhi elections) points a finger at you they better have proper evidence of it. It is a different thing that we gossip same in our offices, at parties, in local trains. How funny, no? In trains and public places that is how our conversation starts with strangers. There is a headline of rise in petrol prices in the news paper, a breaking news of latest scam on tv in a public hall or a sudden shock of learning in the kiraana shop that onion/sugar price has accelerated which triggers this gossiping. Don’t know how but sometimes we end up discussing your latest property deals. Especially if the stranger claims to be your neighbor, once upon a time colleague or an employee from property tax department.  They all have access to such information, they allege. Suddenly they become important in the group and have all our attention. Obviously, this person has to apply a sound of disgust in his tone to all this discussion. Jealousy, thy name is people at large! But you don’t sue us because we are harmless common people minding our own jobs and not jholawala RTI activists. Though you pray we don’t remember such things at time of elections.  For that you run advertisements of various governmental schemes (that we never heard before) and project the ideal would-be PM to enlighten us.

It is a different story when the discussing group is of your relatives. They are more of a sporty people. When they learn that now you are a proud owner of a five star Hotel, a wide spread huge Mill land in heart of a metro city, or have become president of a sport governing body, they congratulate you with open hearts. They don’t waste time in being curious about the source of money or influence and they don’t doubt your capabilities. You have generously done some favors for them in past so they are forever grateful to you. You are a respected name in community despite the suspicious money source because you help your circle and your community people. The community people are so proud of you that they are only thinking about strengthening the family ties, searching possibilities of matrimonial alliance with your family. You can’t trust everyone though. The chain of relatives can be very big, relatives have relatives too. There are envious elements in this group also. They can leak the news in media. But media can’t publish much on hearsay. You don’t sue them and keep it in family.

We also start gossiping when we learn about a big fat Indian Wedding ‘happening’ in your family. Now this is no secret. All media is covering it, if not then something is seriously wrong with you. Day before I read about such a wedding where a temporary helipad was built and helicopter service provided to bring renowned politicians and celebrities from Mumbai that is an hour travel by train. If you cannot boast about your wealth and influences here too then what is the use of the political power? In fact you are always aware that people talk behind your back. Behind the back is okay, it is a harmless gossip. I mean the gossip part is mean but people are harmless. They won’t report you to IT department or file an RTI. They don’t have spare time for that.

All AAP members especially ministers are hopeless. They travel in second hand cars and talk  about system where public transport will be so crowd free  and uncomplicated that even ministers can travel regularly they say. Is this why you joined politics? To be part of ‘Janata’ class? Some of the politicians I see on T.V. I just can’t imagine what if they have to take public transport one day. They will rather die before they have succumbed to such cheap politics, I’m sure. Being so accessible to common people and their common problems will bring anarchy in the country one day.

Some of you copied AAP even before AAP existed I heard. Traveled by autorikshaw and went to vegetable markets to buy vegetables and lots of such weird stories about few of you. But they were nobody’s ideal personalities, nobody termed such stupidity as stylish. This weirdo’s happen to be in all parties, you accepted them. It doesn’t mean everyone starts practicing like them. The fear you instill in public and the tense alert environment you create by just your presence, the authority you have in your one look at public servants, this is all so important if you have to run the country efficiently. You have to have all the money you can and all the property you can build. When all cities and villages are your personal property only then you can care to build a good infrastructure for it. I understand.

Don’t take AAP seriously like you don’t take us. I’m sure all lists will vanish one day and we will have custom made democracy that is convenient to all your needs.

A strong admirer of you,


2 thoughts on “Kejriwal’s List

  1. wow! sis, sarcasm, coming from you, gees, I am surprised, brilliantly put together. loved it, keep writing, keep trying, ” कौन कहता है आसमान मैं सुराख हो नहीं सकता, एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों ,

    • Thanks brother. At national level, national political leader have to be little decent, mind their actions and words. They are in media focus always. Rural and small cities are run by sophisticated goons. The common people watch how unabashedly these political mafia use power to build their wealth and crush those who come in their way. Sarcasm is the only way to speak what we can’t speak.

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