Do you have a heroic hero?

I came across my this particular post after a considerable time. I must have read it 100 times while editing it. Even after publishing I have edited it to my satisfaction. Satyendra Dubey is my most ‘closer to the heart’ post. Not because I wrote it well. I almost only synchronized all the information that was already available in Wikipedia. Yet while reading it anew, without any warning my eyes were filled with tears and I went into a small time depression.

He is a hero for me not because he sacrificed his life but because he sacrificed during his life. Today, not being ambitious is almost a crime. Righteousness is pitied. To stand against doubting and mocking voices from kith needs a strong conviction. Okay, you got a ‘sarkari’ job but what when your abilities are restricted with stupid rules and promotions are denied because you are not anybodies favorite? The possibilities of transfer increase because you don’t fit in with malpractices that are normal way of that office? What when you hear cheerful peers in abroad who simply don’t know what it is like working in given suffocating atmosphere? You cannot make them understand why you had to be in such a situation?

I still don’t understand. Why was it necessary for him to die? Why a job sincerely done was punished with death? Why larger part of the society remains unfazed with his death and many more corruption casualties? Even his martyrdom is questioned today as CBI claims he was a robbery victim. He sets an example to the more protective group of society that why patriotism should be a crusade carried by few bravehearts. Common people should learn to compromise.

Several other socialists do their work without you and me bothered. Several others die causing a ripple or two that ultimately settles in the overtly still society.

In the chai katta by Barkha Dutt on NDTV, when she asked some youngsters if corruption was a main issue for elections, they denied. They were looking for development they said. Today’s corruption is overwhelming and too much but it is impossible to get a zero corruption level was their take. If there is good governance and development they are willing to overlook a little corruption. I failed to understand again. If a water tank has a smaller hole comparing to the other tank that had a bigger hole, water draining is still guaranteed. It is just a matter of time. Development and governance are comprehended very narrowly here, artificially glamorous and dangerously unhealthy, just like people on mere salad diets.

I see Arvind Kejriwal as a Satyendra Dubey who did not die. Not yet. How many leaders do you see who tell you that they are not afraid to die for the country? Whether you believe them or not, how many simply spoke these words? Akhilesh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi, Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi?Narendra Modi said something like that but people who don’t dare interviews…. These words have not only lost their meaning in political arena,  the reason a sensible and seasoned politician cannot dare to utter these words because even uneducated masses will cynically look at him. So it is not just that you dare your life but you dare to expose soundness of your mind with these words. But Arvind Kejriwal lets you look at him like he is ‘yeda’.

Many people work anonymously for the country and we remain unaware just like the soldiers we didn’t bother to count. It is their hobby probably. But if while doing so they have to pay it with their lives and if we only learn how not to be as crazy as them and look at the ‘development’ of the country then we are becoming a sick society.

A nation must have a dream and a heroic hero. It is not a practical thing to have little bit of corruption. Our compromising nature stretches too far until we realize we forgot to voice against unjust ways under the pretext of avoiding chaos and anarchy in the country. To me Arvind Kejriwal is important to preserve idealism in the country. To cynical minds he sounds too good to be true. His ways are not practical. But just like idealism should have practical ideas to implement, practicality is in idealism. They are not two opposite things. Arvind Kejriwal talks of a perfect society, a religiously, linguistically, vibrant country where the governing bodies and rulers are accountable for their actions, a parliament in which our houses think and work, a fast judiciary system that ensures fair judgments, education, health and environment are inclusive in the term ‘development’. I feel hopeful that in such a country honesty won’t be punished to death.


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