Ab Ki baar Hamari Sarkaar

Can you as a common person become a politician in today’s date? Ask Meera Sanyal. Or ask Mumbaikars about Meera Sanyal. In 2009 everyone was curious about this lady who without any political background dared to fight elections from Mumbai. They all talked about her. Even then, she lost her deposit. There can be many angles attributing to her loss. The people who noted her did not go for voting. Others weren’t convinced enough. Maybe some more time around would eventually win her election one day. Would it? Do you really believe that?

The most important rule of democracy has almost diminished today and that is government by the people. You can enter Bollywood and be a star one day. You can start as nobody and become a successful businessman. You can also be extraordinarily genius and be one of the 11 players of the cricket team of the country that is to say one of 121 crore population. But ehem… politics?

Mostly people answer that they don’t think about politics as a career because they don’t like it. It is not as simple as not appearing for MBBS because you don’t want to be a doctor. Deep inside you have been systematically convinced that you don’t have the necessary aptitude to be a doctor. Politicians pretend to know something about ruling this country that even geniuses making their mark in respective fields can never learn. To make us feel better, we are told how murky politics is and how decent people should always stay away from it.

The ground reality of politics at local level in India is not worrisome, it is scary. Either the politician himself is a criminal or has very strong ties with the mafia. They are certainly in the know-how of illegal activities taking place in their area. The opposition parties are looking for an opportunity to rule the place and have the benefits for themselves. But if the ruling party has a very stronghold on the region then they know better……to compromise. Often these parties are local parties not making any noise at national level and thus escaping media attention. National parties though give and take their much needed support and can safely stay away from controversial issues. In such a scenario, an independent candidate is probably just pursuing his/her childhood fantasy of standing up for election and is not taken seriously by either the parties or the voters. If the candidate is a serious challenge and the constituency is not an area with media attention then the candidate could be risking his/her life by fighting the election.

Our ‘elected’ representatives are harmless until you mind your business and your jobs. Don’t worry where the space for city playgrounds are supposed to be. Don’t bother why a skywalk is built where it wasn’t needed and why a 50 year old railway bridge is not reconstructed to adapt to the inflated population.

How then this democracy is different from British Raaj or Maharaja Raaj? We Indians read newspapers, write letters to editors, can view on what Arun Jaitley said and what Manmohan Singh should have said. But are you comfortable about taking up your issues let alone objections to the local MLA or MP? I ‘m not…. There is still long way to go to be a democratic country in real sense.

While people are trying to have a glimpse of manifesto of the parties, parties are still clinging to the old formulas of giving tickets to people who will definitely win them seats. Those fellow citizens who are impressed by the speeches of leaders at high level, don’t they ever wonder how the local politician who never worked all these years will perform this time just because now they have an effective top level leader who will certainly be busy for your trivial day to day issues?

Some of my friends have been questioning my logic behind favoring AAP. It is not AAP, the brand or the Kejriwal factor. It is making scope and hope for new entrants without which both the politics and the democracy will stink. We will be taken for ride as usual if it does not become a place where people from daily walks of life can participate. No other party seems to be ready for that as yet. I know AAP may not win by majority in the Loksabha election of 2014. But it should definitely win with a handsome amount of seats to convince the traditional national parties so as to let go of old style politics of muscle power or the old trick of divisive politics.

It is time to have a modern structure of politics, it is time we have our government of the people, for the people and most importantly by the people like you and me.

If my reasoning on backing AAP sounds convincing to you then please donate to AAP.


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