Zindagi Gulzar Hain – Yeh Cultural Darbar Hain

I love love love Kashaf . She is everything I’m not but maybe I would have liked to be. The foremost thing I like is her ability to speak mind fluently. She is always whining actually. It should depress you and irritate you. But given her situation you feel it is justified. She carries a complex but you dare not try intimidating her on that ground, she won’t take anything lying down. Her brilliant academic achievements are I understand, a writer’s creation, but she shocks you when she complains kya hota agar allah- tala mujhe bhi khubsurat bana deta? (If only god granted me beauty-again a writer’s line but still..) Because she is like 5.6++/6 feet tall, slender, with smoothest complexion and facial features including an articulate nose and big crystal clear eyes. That is very nashukra(ungrateful) of her. If only she stops frowning so much, and smiles more. Actually, it is this part I’m in awe with, to appear so unimpressed and unfriendly towards one and all. In reality, she is protecting herself and this is her weakness, but doesn’t look like she is missing on something. Should try that straight forward life!

Kashaf is the protagonist in the Pakistani serial Zindagi Gulzar hain that started with other series on the new channel Zindagi. She has family of two amicable sisters, a hardworking mother and a father who has remarried and doesn’t stay with them. Father has remarried because his first wife Rafiya gave birth to three daughters and could not produce a son. The father mostly shrugs off his monetary and emotional responsibility towards these sisters and their mother, on the grounds that Rafiya is a working woman and can take care of herself. Kashaf’s mother is a school principal and the three sisters live a hard life with monetary crunch always pinching them. Kashaf is the eldest and brightest of them. Her bitterness for people has stemmed from this reality, the hardships they have to endure due to the neglect by their father.

The chapters are immaculately scripted, the dialogues are savory and performances are ingenious. Now my turn to whine….kya hota agar hamare producers bhi aise tv-serials banate (there are exceptions but not in daily soaps)… Impressed with Zindagi Gulzar hain, I started watching Dhoop Kinaare on youtube. The original plan was watching one episode everyday but I finished watching all in 3 days. It was just like a novel that I couldn’t put down. What we miss in our serials is some loitering on emotions and romance. The serial makers are worried that viewers will get bored and write obscene scenes to keep audience involved. They just don’t believe in automatically drawing viewers towards their product with an intelligent script. I miss the geographical broadness, there is dearth of variety in background locations and simply no attention given to subtle transitions of life. No detailing in movement from one day to another!! To create a duplicate life as engaging as real one, you need to use your real experiences, you need to have pondered on insignificant looking occurrences and not let escape the details and rawness of it that can help build a sensible indulging episode or the real life like convincing character.

Our movies made an entrance in Pakistani people’s entertainment choices much before this, making them familiar with us. It is sad how we never imported their entertainment world until now. I get to see so many brilliant performers and I feel that missing so much has been quite a loss of a kind. The dispute with our neighbors that affects our peeping in each other’s lives is robbing us both of the pleasure of sharing these creamy cultural delights. Hope Zindagi changes this forever.

And the Urdu!! Watch these Pakistani serials only to relish the language. I don’t know which other language can be so tangy and expressive, so luxurious to have an idiom or quote for every other significant and passing by emotions.


4 thoughts on “Zindagi Gulzar Hain – Yeh Cultural Darbar Hain

  1. For many many years now, my TV time is only for cartoons, movies, news (in that order!!). I have tried watching Marathi/Hindi serials, but couldnt tolerate them even for 10 minutes. I stopped attempting. There are some exceptions, like I made my kids watch Chopra’s Mahabharat some years back on Star Utsav. Then I watched old Chanakya online and was awed and thrilled and wish some channel to show this, so that I enjoy it again this time a bit slowly. After reading your blog, I will surely give Zindagi channel a try, though I am very doubtful I will ever turn to serial watching…

    • Vidya, my experience is same. Getting impressed and writing about them is such a risky thing. Last time I wrote on a Marathi serial and after few days the story turned so bizarre that now I feel like deleting the post. So I did take a risk in this but then I thought that this must have a definite end as it has been already aired in Pakistan. The story is not very different but there are details like a definite, pre-thought transition of time, imperfect characters(I’m so mentally fatigued after watching perfect couples or rather perfect daughter in law) and minute details not missed. Try tested Dhoop Kinare on youtube, this will surely not disappoint you.

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