The Unknown Killers of Dr.Narendra Dabholkar…

Two years have passed and the state police has no clue on who assassinated Dr. Narendra Dabholkar. One perspective of mine is that we should be okay with it. At least, these no name guys or this no organisation who could not take credit of the shameful killing, now, they won’t have their name attached to this honorable man in the history. Many killers from history got famous and unworthy attention only because they could end a life that selflessly worked for the betterment of society.
As to who dunnit, we all know the culprit. It’s the dangerous intolerance for logic and open-mindedness, a shadow lurking and growing as global phenomenon, desperately wanting unjust society, unquestioning faiths and timid personalities so that few can decide rights and wrong for others.
The rightful punishment to the killers is first this, that they never get even that undue credit of being attached to the magnanimous personality in the book of history. And second, we remember in our daily lives to culture the reasoning part of our brain. May Dr. Narendra Dabholkar live in us.


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