Elco Pani-Puri

I have decided to check out all eatery places I have been planning to visit. Over the years, they have accumulated making for a really long wish list. Somewhere, I think, I too hardly believed that I will be actually visiting these food places. Like a parent who pacifies their child about buying the toy on next visit to the shop, I consoled my heart with a false promise to go there one day when I came across a tempting food post. It is not easy making plans like that. So when I started for Bandra from Virar just to savour the famous Elco pani-puri, I felt a little ridiculous.

Was it worth? Yes. First, Because I got a breakthrough from to typecast and beat myself up yet again for not working on my plan and second, the Pani-Puri was really nice. It was different because the sourness and sweetness both are on extreme level than any other Pani-Puri I had before. But it was strange that after travelling so far for just Pani-Puri, I wasn’t tempted for another round. I later realised, not that I missed, but the syrup was not hot-n-spicy. The Sev-Puri though could have been missed given it’s sloping on sweeter side and the cost that is Rs. 80 per plate, Yes, the Pani-Puri is Rs. 60!

The Pani-Puri stall is located in radius of one Kilo-meter from Bandra station, the western side of the suburb. Elco market is a street market for clothes and accessories and the Pani-Puri centre is named after this market. I took a meter rikshaw (charged according to the meter fare) from the near the railway station for which you have to stand in the queue. The are-you-serious look I got from rik driver for hiring him for short distance PLUS the traffic-jam (I experienced at afternoon hour), makes me suggest you better walk. I will do same the next time. 😛


2 thoughts on “Elco Pani-Puri

  1. Dear Mridula, if you are not tempted for a second plate (especially after taking so much pains), there is something wrong with that panipuri…..I usually have to restrain myself for third one.

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