Bho Bho – Right Ingredients of a Good Thriller

It seemed more easy for me to boast to my friends about my school-friend, Javed, being in the production team of this upcoming new Marathi movie. The movie cast had Prashant Damle and many other renowned actors which made me feel really proud of my friend’s achievement. But actually going for a watch when the movie hit the theater was the difficult part. It was not before second week that saw me viewing the movie in Thane. But here I was now, finally at the big screen, and I was immensely delighted on two notes – one, I was keeping my word to watch it and secondly, it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie.


I had suspected it to be fun right from when my friend shared the first trailer of Bho-Bho on our whatsapp school group. The story line seemed very novel where a pet dog is accused of murdering its owner, a lady, and a detective is hired by the insurance company to investigate the crime so as to settle the insurance claim of Rs. 1 crore. The detective was being played by Prashant Damle, my favourite actor, and in his first detective role, the actor seemed to be having fun playing the character of Vyankatesh Bhonde. There was this background music played while introducing him as Vyankatesh Bhonde that really tickled me (not to mention the character’s fanciful name). Was the actual movie going to maintain the allure after raising the curiosity, I wondered!

I can now say that if crime investigation stories excite you, you will like this movie. And if you are a canine lover you will most certainly love it. Bho-bho, is a clever and successful amalgamation of both a dog awareness cause + mystery element and balances both very well. The whodunnit story line is gripping and is like one of those amusement park ride where your only job is to sit back and enjoy the twirls.

Can a pet-dog kill its owner? Can it be ungrateful and behave unreasonably like humans? Ask this to the animal lover community and they will rebuff vehemently. They will add that even when they don’t speak our language, there is a reason to their behavior unlike self-absorbed earth species called humans. Looks like we are hell-bent on proving animal lovers right.The movie reminded me of the novel, ‘The curious incident of a dog in the night-time’. No resemblance to the movie, accept, the curiosity factor is used very well in both to make us take a slightly deeper look at our denial of acknowledging the coexisting animal world and our arrogant belief that we are the only priority of this planet.

And though there is this noble cause, the investigation process doesn’t disappoint you at all! There is this detective with non-striking appearance, although with a very eccentric investigation style. But wait, there is method to his madness. The detective, I’m not exaggerating, I saw Vyankatesh Bhonde as a perfect desi version of famous Hercules Poirot from books of Agatha Christie. One might argue on the soundness of evidences he collects in the court of law, but that is exactly what the detective classics never concentrated on. They just kept their focus on satiating the doubts of readers, and Bho bho does this job well. I missed that the character wasn’t given an authoritarian tone while dealing with baddies that would cheer the audience a bit more. But his low profile adds to the humor element of the character. I wish more series of Vyankatesh Bhonde where he is now a more famed personality and solves such unique cases with cause. Seriously, the idea sounds promising!


This is a star-studded movie and there are other established actors like Sharad Ponkshe, Subodh Bhave, Ashwini Ekbote, Sanjay Mone, Rajan Bhise, Saurabh Gokhale and many others playing the baddies as well as mundane characters that actually make these roles memorable. Their effortless performances and getting into the skin of regular people is really commendable. It is what is expected from seasoned actors but sometimes the strategy can fail. Everyone here though fits in the tale of a dog-tail very aptly.

It was only second week after the movie released but I had to travel from Virar to Thane as the movie had disappeared from multiplexes in the western suburbs. Ironically, the Sunday show of Thane  was packed. This is really a fun movie not to be missed and I hope it flashes back on  screens of multiplexes of western suburbs of Mumbai as well. You got to see this movie!



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